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We all know someone that’s been there, or maybe we’ve gone through it ourselves – those times when a relationship breaks down, or work stress becomes too overbearing or when an event in our lives completely knocks us off balance. We may talk to friends, work through it ourselves or turn to over eating or drinking to get through it. For far too many of us however, these situations easily turn into a downward spiral of anxiety, depression, substance abuse or self-harm and requires professional help. This is the reality for 1 in every 5 Australians every year.

While the perception of mental health services is now shifting away from the dark ages of being needed only by those facing a severe mental health condition or psychosis, the health care system is struggling to efficiently and effectively provide access to needed mental health services in a sustainable way. High cost of services, availability of speciality services, convenience and the stigma related to mental health restrict individuals from accessing the services they need. In the recent National Mental Health Commission, it was estimated that only 35% of those facing a defined mental health issue accessed mental health services.

Importantly, we believe that effective mental health care cannot – and should not – be replaced by fully automated, impersonalised, self-management solutions. Healthcare, especially mental health, is a people business; however modern technology has a critical role to play in bringing efficiency into the health system while meeting the expectations of today’s consumer.

WellNow wants to help create a smarter and better health system. Our approach will make convenient, private, and professional mental health services more accessible to thousands of Australians that are under-served by traditional means while adding significant efficiency and effectiveness for the health system in general.

If you are in a crisis or if you or any other person may be in danger - don't use this site. Call Lifeline for immediate help at 13 11 14.
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